Part-2: Terraform & DevOps

“Tricks make you save time to Code & Deploy your Terraform Config File Easily”

As a Software Architect or a FullStack-Developer (someone with a developer background), I always had this fear of the syntax of Terraform configurations (HashiCorp Configuration Language: HCL).

Every time I read an example of a file with this syntax I couldn’t understand anything and I didn't know why.

However, I…

Part-1: AWS Console

“Save your time with this Abstract Pattern to make complex Cloud Architectures”

Making serverless architectures tied to microservices architectures on the AWS cloud is a fun job and it allows us to learn new things every day

But mostly, we need Abstract Patterns that already exist to implement them and adapt them according to our use case to avoid spending a lot…

Part-2: Deploy Bonus Examples K8S Cluster “For Beginner”

This article is the continuation of the previous one

In a real Prod Environment, the exposed services must use LoadBalancer or IngressController or both to communicate with the outside.

However for the bonus examples i’ll make it simple by exposing our services via NodePorts

The Goals is always to be…

Naoufal EL GAFA

Software Lead Architect Enjoy designing, creating, coding, and Cloud Deploy.

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